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Shanghai, the shining Oriental Pearl, is not only China's most important center of technology, trade, finance and information, but also stands as a landmark international metropolis with a global collection of talents and economic prosperity.
Aoya Exhibition - 20 years of dedicated casting and forging exhibition, adhering to many years of experience in hosting the casting and forging exhibition, our customers are located in 26 countries and regions around the world, cooperating with more than 300 media in the industry; establishing more than 500,000 large professional visitor databases for the casting and forging industry, providing you with one-stop trade solutions from raw materials to equipment to products. To provide you with more professional, high quality, fast and accurate service. > > detailed
Shanghai Foundry Society
Shanghai Aoya Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Exhibition time: the same period of China Import Expo from December 02to 04, 2019
Exhibition venue: China Shanghai Transnational Purchasing Center
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    2010 vision of the world are concentrated in China, with the World Expo held in Shanghai - Pearl of the Orient this bright, not only China's most important science and technology, trade, finance and information center, but will also stand as a global cultural atmosphere, and symbol of economic prosperity, international metropolis.
    Expo effects appear to bring an opportunity for all sectors, but as a pillar industry in national economy, the metal industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges: how to promote the adjustment of industrial structure, promote the upgrading of infrastructure, increase the contribution to the GDP effect, and create more profits are thought worthy of the industry, while the exhibition as an enterprise between an effective marketing platform for companies display their products, gather information, negotiate trade, communication and technology, spreading the brand and expanding the market offers significant role of a bridge and link; marketing strategy in the enterprise's position become increasingly important;
    Aoya exhibition - a decade to concentrate metal shows, adhering to the metal show host for many years of experience, our clients all over the world in 26 countries and regions, with more than 300 media, industry collaboration; the establishment of 50 thousand homes to visit a large metals industry professional business database, provide you with products from raw materials to equipment to a one-stop fair trading solutions. Provide you with a more professional, high quality, fast and accurate service.
Shanghai Metal Expo 2010, after careful audience research sponsors and careful market analysis, will be devoting more advertising, the exhibition-based organization of professional audience properly done, creating a highly professional atmosphere of the exhibition. to ensure that exhibitors exhibitors to maximize the value; make this show really do inverted "Fair value for watching are obtained."
         2010 AOYA with you;    Share the results of World's Fair;Build Metal exhibition event
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